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Name: Chajuga's Squaw

First name: Annie

Black Labrador Retriever Bitch

Date of Birth: 21 october 1994

Name Father: Sweettrees Patriot

Name Mother: Sweettrees Quickstep

Occupation: servicedog

Hi, my name is Annie, I am a servicedog. I like to work for my mate. So I open and close doors, have to pick up all kind of things, switch lights on and off, turn on or off the computer and lots of other things. I was trained by vzw. Hachiko, if you are interested, you can visit their dutch site.

This is me, working for my mate.

And this is my family

I also like to be an ordinary dog that means, playing, playing, playing ..................

Swimming with my friends is great

and I really like the beach !

I have a special friend too, her name is Lore, this is me and her, hugging together

Hugging is a very big hobby of mine, so I love to lay on my mate's lap and hug
with her too

And of course, we have lots of fun too so once in a while we dance together great (o:


Oh and you know something on 21 october 2000 I married Vosje, he is really cute (o:

Bye for now !